News Roundup Now Monthly (Phew!)

I started off my news roundup with full of energy and determination, committed to doing it on a weekly basis. However, the effort was becoming quite untenable and, moreover, I was finding myself unable to properly think about the rapid stream of froth that is the weekly industry PR and news fest. Real news unfolds rather more slowly, so I have decided to lower the frequency and hopefully up the quality (not that I can be the judge of that).

I have no delusions of being a professional blogger…besides, I need to find my subject matter a bit more organically, with the idea that it would be an outlet for stuff I was doing anyway – so I think monthly is about right, with other blogs in between on more specific opinions. The first round up will be in the first full week of April.


About jonallenby
I'm the co-founder and Technical Director of a new media agency - Lime Media. I would describe myself as having a healthy scepticism about technology - new ways of doing things are always new, but they are not necessarily better. Best to cut through the hype and think about how technology will physically change people's lives, for better or worse. I am also struggling to finish a part-time PhD in language, metaphor and philosophy at Goldsmith's College, University of London. Apart from thinking and reading, I like playing with my children, cross-country running and White Crane Kung-Fu - though usually not all at once.

One Response to News Roundup Now Monthly (Phew!)

  1. Hey jonallenby, wonderful site you have here. I intend to like it on Facebook.

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