As co-founder and technical director of Lime Media – a London-based digital design agency, much of my professional life revolves around technology. Unexpectedly, perhaps, I remain a techno-sceptic at heart – I hear endless buzz about new stuff but not much substance. I work from the premiss that life remains in most circumstances more or less the same – technology hasn’t generally made our lives more fulfilling, though it certainly has changed the way we do things.

At a personal level, the most important question about technology is how it physically changes the way we spend our everyday lives. For business, the question is how technologies will really change the way business is done – not which bells and whistles need to be collected in order to keep up with the competition’s technofetishm.

This blog is not destined to answer these bigger questions, unfortunatetly, but I hope it will reflect on my mission to cut through the hype of technology and keep a balanced picture of what it can achieve in everyday life – personal and professional. Some posts will be comments on specific events on technologies – others will be general opinion – others may just be a heartfelt rant.

So…what gives me the right to wax lyrical on these subjects? Well, apart from my role as technical director, I am currently nearing completion of a PhD at the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. My thesis involves a good deal of philosophy of language, cognitive psychology and linguistics – all subjects very much at the heart of the future of the internet. I am also interested in the politics of digital inclusion and exclusion – something I focussed on in my MA in Cultural Studies, also at Goldsmith’s.


One Response to About

  1. Adam says:

    It’s a great mission for a blog. Cut through the hype and spot the genuine shifts. Look forward to seeing more.

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